175-12 Murdock Avenue
Home of Joe Louis

Block 10305, Lot 120

Date of construction: 1928
Architect: Jack Shea for Addisleigh Homes, Inc.
Original cost: $9,500.00

NYC property records do not confirm the residency of Joe Louis at this address; however, a 1949 deed for William S. & Blanche S. McKinney's purchase of the property highlights the presence of two rental apartments within the house (basement level and second story) in which Mr. Louis may have resided. A three-story Tudor-style frame house. The gable end faces the side, and the front is intersected with a prominent and high gable that nearly forms an A-frame. The first floor is clad in brick veneer and the upper stories are clad in half-timbered stucco. The first floor features a one-story bay with arched windows. The third floor features an arched dormer with a fanlight and an unusual pentagonal window. Windows are double hung and multi-paned.

This home was illustrated in the “Addisleigh Homes” brochure, as part of the page entitled “Some of our neighbors.”

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